Karaokyo is a portmanteau of the Japanese words karaoke (カラオケ, empty orchestra) and kyo (京, capital).
A lyric file is an XML file consisting of a few different tags:
 	<title>Song Title</title>
 	<artist>Song Artist</artist>
 		<line start='12' end='15'>A normal lyric</line>
 		<line start='12' end='15'>
 			<highlight start='12.5' end='14.5'>Highlighted lyric</highlight>
The start and end attributes:
  • For a line element, determine when it will appear and disappear
  • For a highlight element, determine when it will start and stop highlighting, effectively determining highlight speed
  • Examples of timecodes:
    • 3 - 3 seconds
    • 3.33 - 3 and 1/3 seconds
    • 3:33.33 - 3 minutes, 33 and 1/3 seconds
If your line reads from right to left, add rtl to the class attribute:
 <line start='10' end='20' class='rtl'>
 	<highlight start='12.5' end='14.5'>RTL Lyric</highlight>