When Will My Life Begin?
Mandy Moore
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From Disney's Tangled

    <title>When Will My Life Begin?</title>
    <artist>Mandy Moore</artist>
        <line start="12" end="18">
            <highlight start="13" end="18">•••••</highlight>
        <line start="12" end="21.6">
            <highlight start="18" end="21.3">7 AM, the usual morning lineup</highlight>
        <line start="22.1" end="26">
            <highlight start="22.6" end="23.6">Start on the chores</highlight>
            <highlight start="23.6" end="24.8"> and sweep 'til the floor's</highlight>
            <highlight start="24.8" end="25.7"> all clean</highlight>
        <line start="27.1" end="30.3">
            <highlight start="27.1" end="30">Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up</highlight>
        <line start="30.9" end="31.9">
            <highlight start="30.9" end="31.8">Sweep again</highlight>
        <line start="31.9" end="35.3">
            <highlight start="32" end="33.75">And by then it's like</highlight>
            <highlight start="33.75" end="35.25"> 7:15</highlight>
        <line start="35.3" end="39.5">
            <highlight start="35.35" end="36">And so</highlight>
            <highlight start="36" end="39.5"> I'll read a book or maybe two or three</highlight>
        <line start="39.5" end="43.85">
            <highlight start="39.5" end="43.75">I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery</highlight>
        <line start="43.9" end="48.35">
            <highlight start="44" end="48.2">I'll play guitar and knit, and cook and basically</highlight>
        <line start="48.35" end="52.9">
            <highlight start="48.65" end="49.2">Just wonder</highlight>
            <highlight start="49.2" end="50.2"> when will</highlight>
            <highlight start="50.2" end="51.1"> my life</highlight>
            <highlight start="51.4" end="52.6"> begin?</highlight>
        <line start="1:02.6" end="1:06">
            <highlight start="1:02.9" end="1:05">Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts and</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:05" end="1:05.7"> baking</highlight>
        <line start="1:06.85" end="1:10.95">
            <highlight start="1:07.15" end="1:08">Paper mâché,</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:08" end="1:09.1"> a bit of ballet and</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:09.1" end="1:10.65"> chess</highlight>
        <line start="1:11.35" end="1:15.25">
            <highlight start="1:11.65" end="1:13.2">Pottery and ventriloquy,</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:13.2" end="1:15"> candle making</highlight>
        <line start="1:15.25" end="1:17.6">
            <highlight start="1:15.5" end="1:16.3">Then I'll stretch,</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:16.5" end="1:17.5"> maybe sketch</highlight>
        <line start="1:17.65" end="1:19.8">
            <highlight start="1:17.75" end="1:19.75">Take a climb, sew a dress!</highlight>
        <line start="1:19.8" end="1:24">
            <highlight start="1:19.85" end="1:23.85">And I'll reread the books if I have time to spare</highlight>
        <line start="1:24" end="1:28.43">
            <highlight start="1:24.25" end="1:28.3">I'll paint the walls some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere</highlight>
        <line start="1:28.47" end="1:32.875">
            <highlight start="1:28.65" end="1:32.675">And then I'll brush and brush, and brush and brush my hair</highlight>
        <line start="1:32.9" end="1:37.35">
            <highlight start="1:33" end="1:35">Stuck in the same place I've</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:35" end="1:36.1"> always</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:36.1" end="1:37.2"> been</highlight>
        <line start="1:37.35" end="1:42.5">
            <highlight start="1:37.5" end="1:42.35">And I'll keep wondering and wondering, and wondering, and wondering</highlight>
        <line start="1:42.5" end="1:46.2">
            <highlight start="1:42.65" end="1:44">When will my life</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:44" end="1:46.1"> begin?</highlight>
        <line start="1:48.2" end="1:50.3">
            <highlight start="1:48.3" end="1:50">Tomorrow night</highlight>
        <line start="1:51.6" end="1:55.7">
            <highlight start="1:51.9" end="1:54">The lights will</highlight>
            <highlight start="1:54" end="1:55.4"> appear</highlight>
        <line start="1:56.15" end="2:04.5">
            <highlight start="1:56.45" end="2:02.6">Just like they do on my birthday</highlight>
            <highlight start="2:02.8" end="2:04.2"> each year</highlight>
        <line start="2:05.8" end="2:14.3">
            <highlight start="2:06.1" end="2:09.3">What is it like</highlight>
        <line start="2:05.8" end="2:14.3">
            <highlight start="2:10.5" end="2:14.1">Out there where they glow?</highlight>
        <line start="2:15.2" end="2:25">
            <highlight start="2:15.5" end="2:19.4">Now that I'm older,</highlight>
            <highlight start="2:20" end="2:20.8"> mother</highlight>
            <highlight start="2:20.8" end="2:21.8"> might just</highlight>
            <highlight start="2:22" end="2:22.6"> let me</highlight>
            <highlight start="2:22.6" end="2:24.85"> go</highlight>