Let It Go
Idina Menzel et al.
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from Disney's Frozen

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  <title>Let It Go</title>
  <artist>Idina Menzel et al.</artist>
    <line start="13.5" end="20">ENGLISH:</line>
    <line start="13.5" end="20">
      <highlight start="13.875" end="17.1">The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,</highlight>
      <highlight start="17.15" end="19.7"> not a footprint to be seen</highlight>
    <line start="20.5" end="27">FRENCH:</line>
    <line start="20.5" end="27">
      <highlight start="20.71" end="21">Un</highlight>
      <highlight start="21" end="22"> royaume de</highlight>
      <highlight start="22" end="23.5"> solitude,</highlight>
      <highlight start="24" end="25.35"> ma place est là</highlight>
      <highlight start="25.7" end="26.6"> pour toujours</highlight>
    <line start="20.5" end="27">A kingdom of solitude, my place is here forever</line>
    <line start="27.5" end="35">GERMAN:</line>
    <line start="27.5" end="35">
      <highlight start="28.5" end="31.1">Der wind er heult so wie</highlight>
      <highlight start="31.1" end="32.3"> der Sturm ganz</highlight>
      <highlight start="32.3" end="33.3"> tief in</highlight>
      <highlight start="33.3" end="34.41"> mir</highlight>
    <line start="27.5" end="35">The wind, it howls, like the storm deep inside of me</line>
    <line start="35.2" end="42">DUTCH:</line>
    <line start="35.2" end="42">
      <highlight start="35.58" end="37.2">Het werd mij te veel,</highlight>
      <highlight start="37.2" end="38"> hoe ik mijn best</highlight>
      <highlight start="38" end="38.9"> ook</highlight>
      <highlight start="38.9" end="41.1"> deed</highlight>
    <line start="35.2" end="42">It was too much for me, no matter how hard I tried</line>
    <line start="42.1" end="49.31">MANDARIN:</line>
    <line start="42.1" end="49.31">
      <highlight start="42.45" end="43.23">别让他们</highlight>
      <highlight start="43.5" end="44.8">进来,</highlight>
      <highlight start="45" end="45.6"> 看见,</highlight>
      <highlight start="45.9" end="46.9"> 做好女孩,</highlight>
      <highlight start="46.9" end="49"> 就像你的从前</highlight>
    <line start="42.1" end="49.31">Don&apos;t let them in or see, be a good girl, like you were before</line>
    <line start="49.32" end="58.745">SWEDISH:</line>
    <line start="49.32" end="58.745">
      <highlight start="49.33" end="50.92">Visa ingenting,</highlight>
      <highlight start="50.92" end="52.258"> vad du än</highlight>
      <highlight start="52.258" end="54.63"> gör,</highlight>
      <highlight start="55.5" end="58.743"> allt är förstört</highlight>
    <line start="49.32" end="58.745">Show nothing, whatever you do, everything is destroyed</line>
    <line start="58.75" end="1:05.5">JAPANESE:</line>
    <line start="58.75" end="1:05.5">
      <highlight start="58.9" end="1:00">有りの</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:00.5" end="1:02"> ままの</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:02.7" end="1:05.38"> 姿見せるのよ</highlight>
    <line start="58.75" end="1:05.5">I will show how I really am</line>
    <line start="1:05.8" end="1:13.2">SPANISH (LATIN):</line>
    <line start="1:05.8" end="1:13.2">
      <highlight start="1:06" end="1:07.5">Libre soy,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:08" end="1:9.3"> libre soy,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:10" end="1:13"> libertad sin vuelta atrás</highlight>
    <line start="1:05.8" end="1:13.2">I am free, I am free, freedom of no return</line>
    <line start="1:13.3" end="1:20">POLISH:</line>
    <line start="1:13.3" end="1:20">
      <highlight start="1:13.55" end="1:18.2">Wszystkim wbrew, na ten gest</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:18.2" end="1:19.9"> mnie stać</highlight>
    <line start="1:13.3" end="1:20">Against everyone, I can afford this gesture</line>
    <line start="1:20" end="1:27">HUNGARIAN:</line>
    <line start="1:20" end="1:27">
      <highlight start="1:20.2" end="1:21.45">Jöjjön száz</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:21.45" end="1:23.8"> orkán,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:23.9" end="1:26.5"> és közben a szívemen ül a jég</highlight>
    <line start="1:20" end="1:27">Come hundreds of windstorms, and meanwhile my heart is wrapped in ice</line>
    <line start="1:31" end="1:37.55">SPANISH (CASTILIAN):</line>
    <line start="1:31" end="1:37.55">
      <highlight start="1:31.5" end="1:34.2">Desde la distancia</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:34.5" end="1:35.9"> que pequeño</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:35.9" end="1:37.52"> todo es</highlight>
    <line start="1:31" end="1:37.55">It is the distance, how small everything looks</line>
    <line start="1:37.6" end="1:45.4">CATALAN:</line>
    <line start="1:37.6" end="1:45.4">
      <highlight start="1:38.1" end="1:39">I les pors que em</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:39" end="1:41"> dominaven,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:41.1" end="1:42"> per sempre</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:42" end="1:43"> han</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:43" end="1:45.37"> fugit</highlight>
    <line start="1:37.6" end="1:45.4">And the fears that dominated me, have fled away forever</line>
    <line start="1:45.5" end="1:52.3">ITALIAN:</line>
    <line start="1:45.5" end="1:52.3">
      <highlight start="1:45.645" end="1:47">Non è un difetto,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:47" end="1:48.3"> è una virtù,</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:48.75" end="1:51.3"> e non la fermerò</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:51.3" end="1:52.2"> mai più</highlight>
    <line start="1:45.5" end="1:52.3">It&apos;s not a fault, it&apos;s a virtue, and I won&apos;t hold it ever again</line>
    <line start="1:52.4" end="2:00">KOREAN:</line>
    <line start="1:52.4" end="2:00">
      <highlight start="1:52.5" end="1:55.25">내 맘대로 자유롭</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:55.25" end="1:56.62">게</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:56.62" end="1:57.193"> 살</highlight>
      <highlight start="1:57.193" end="2:00">래</highlight>
    <line start="1:52.4" end="2:00">I want to live freely on my own</line>
    <line start="2:00.1" end="2:07.26">SERBIAN:</line>
    <line start="2:00.1" end="2:07.26">
      <highlight start="2:00.5" end="2:01.8">Sad je kraj,</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:02.1" end="2:03.6"> sad je kraj,</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:03.8" end="2:07.2"> na krilima vetra sam </highlight>
    <line start="2:00.1" end="2:07.26">It&apos;s over, it&apos;s over, I am on the wings of the wind</line>
    <line start="2:07.27" end="2:14.2">CANTONESE:</line>
    <line start="2:07.27" end="2:14.2">
      <highlight start="2:07.45" end="2:08.3">誰亦要</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:09.1" end="2:10.3">全心講?</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:10.9" end="2:14.12"> 忘掉昨天悲歌</highlight>
    <line start="2:07.27" end="2:14.2">Who also wants to speak from their heart? Forget the sorrow songs of yesterday</line>
    <line start="2:14.3" end="2:26">PORTUGUESE:</line>
    <line start="2:14.3" end="2:26">
      <highlight start="2:15.2" end="2:17.5">Estou aqui,</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:18" end="2:21.2"> e vou ficar,</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:21.2" end="2:25.5"> venha a tempestade</highlight>
    <line start="2:14.3" end="2:26">Here I am, and here I&apos;ll stay, let the storm come</line>
    <line start="2:32.5" end="2:39.66">MALAY:</line>
    <line start="2:32.5" end="2:39.66">
      <highlight start="2:33.2" end="2:37">Kuasaku buat hidup </highlight>
      <highlight start="2:37" end="2:39.5">bercelaru</highlight>
    <line start="2:32.5" end="2:39.66">My powers make life go haywire</line>
    <line start="2:39.67" end="2:46.21">RUSSIAN:</line>
    <line start="2:39.67" end="2:46.21">
      <highlight start="2:40.3" end="2:46.2">Подвластны мне мороз и лёд, ну что за дивный дар</highlight>
    <line start="2:39.67" end="2:46.21">Frost and ice obey me, what a divine gift!</line>
    <line start="2:46.3" end="2:53.4">DANISH:</line>
    <line start="2:46.3" end="2:53.4">
      <highlight start="2:47" end="2:48.1">Og som</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:48.1" end="2:49.2"> krystaller</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:49.2" end="2:51.1"> står en tanke</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:51.1" end="2:51.7"> ganske</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:51.7" end="2:53.39"> klar</highlight>
    <line start="2:46.3" end="2:53.4">And one thought stands clear as crystal</line>
    <line start="2:53.6" end="3:01.5">BULGARIAN:</line>
    <line start="2:53.6" end="3:01.5">
      <highlight start="2:54.35" end="2:57">Ще спра да бъда аз на</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:57.3" end="2:58.8"> миналото в</highlight>
      <highlight start="2:58.8" end="3:01.5"> плен</highlight>
    <line start="2:53.6" end="3:01.5">I will stop being captive to the past</line>
    <line start="3:01.6" end="3:08.51">NORWEGIAN:</line>
    <line start="3:01.6" end="3:08.51">
      <highlight start="3:02" end="3:03.2">La den gå,</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:04" end="3:04.6"> la den gå,</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:05.15" end="3:08.5"> jeg skal stige lik solen nå</highlight>
    <line start="3:01.6" end="3:08.51">Let it go, I shall rise like the sun, now</line>
    <line start="3:08.55" end="3:16">THAI:</line>
    <line start="3:08.55" end="3:16">
      <highlight start="3:08.65" end="3:15.85">ปล่อยออกมา เลิกซ่อนเร้น, เด็กดีไม่เห็นมีค่า</highlight>
    <line start="3:08.55" end="3:16">Released, stop hiding, the good girl is worthless</line>
    <line start="3:16.2" end="3:24.3">QUEBECOIS:</line>
    <line start="3:16.2" end="3:24.3">
      <highlight start="3:16.56" end="3:19">Je suis là,</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:19.5" end="3:20.4"> comme je l&apos;ai</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:20.4" end="3:24.25"> rêvé</highlight>
    <line start="3:16.2" end="3:24.3">I am here, like I dreamed it</line>
    <line start="3:24.4" end="3:33.5">FLEMISH:</line>
    <line start="3:24.4" end="3:33.5">
      <highlight start="3:24.6" end="3:26.35">En de storm raast</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:26.35" end="3:30"> door,</highlight>
      <highlight start="3:30.195" end="3:32.7"> de vrieskou daar zat ik toch al niet mee</highlight>
    <line start="3:24.4" end="3:33.5">And the storm rages on, the cold has never bothered me</line>